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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Barbados, Riding In the Heat (08-01-2006)

Beautiful Sky
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Christ Church / St. George
Riding In the Heat

The heat coveted the land today, and it was taking no prisoners. Given a chance the heat would beat you down every time. I walked on the hot cemented path to the shed. The bicycle was prepared and I was off riding across the land again. There was some reprieve with the breezes hugging me as I rode.

Today my destination was unknown. But I meandered from Frere Pilgrim across some parts of Christ Church to Dash Valley, St. George. The views were great. And it led me to wonder how long all that open space would be left vacant. The voracious appetite for land in Barbados is paramount. Time, I guess, will tell.

Enjoy the images.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Sweating Out the Words

No pictures in this article but I am sure it would be worth your read. You might be wondering what the title, “Sweating out the Words”, refers to. But I am going to rename it “Barbados by Keystrokes”.

I remember my childhood friend Dean worked at the Caribbean Data Services as a Data Manager. It seems the 1 out of every 50 Barbadians worked there as well. Barbados was king of the keystrokes in the Caribbean. Our offshore outsourcing Data Center was a hit. Barbados was producing more than 55 billion keystrokes per year. Now we are not.

The edge has gone to other places like Grenada, Mexico, and China.

Read the full article here to find out why.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Trees in Sunset (07-31-2006)

Trees in Sunset
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Christ Church, Barbados
Bike Riding

Finally, after riding for a bit I arrived at Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium. Just about everyone was jogging, running or walking. For me, my legs were tired form peddling. But I found what I was looking for in the first place, a sunset.

I took the shots quickly and headed back to Frere Pilgrim. The night was encroaching, and I had no light on the bike. A few hills to pull before I am home…

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

St. David’s Church (07-31-2006)

church steeple
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St. David’s Church
Christ Church, Barbados
Bike Riding

No matter what day it is when I am in Barbados it seems that I want to get out and ride my bike. Even if it is for an half of an hour I have to do it. When it comes to riding I feel that I am 12 again. Really, I am fearless when I am on my bicycle. Transformed back in time I ride like hell all over Barbados. Only now, I observe the beauty in almost every thing I see. And I have to sometimes, stop myself from taking a million pictures.

All that riding was making me sweat like crazy. I stopped for a rest at St. David’s Church, drank some water and ate a granola bar. I pass this church on my way to town most days. The church was vacant now so I got out my trusted camera and took a few shots. I love the architecture of this church. Sometime in the future I must research more about this beautiful church.

Bike Riding (07-31-2006)

My Mountain Bike Eggerton Plantation

Eggerton Plantation
Christ Church, Barbados
Bike Riding

I was riding hard this evening in search of a sunset. It was a bit late in the evening but it was beautiful. The winds were howling as I rode and I felt like Lance Armstrong. Lord knows I can’t seem to get the kid out of me. My Grand mother wants to know if I can’t grow up. Why do I have to ride all over the place is her cry every time I venture out. Maybe I will grow up when I am 70.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Emancipation Sunset (08-01-2006)

Emancipation Sunset
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Emancipation Sunset
Speightstown, Old Main Road
St. Peter, Barbados

A simple sunset can mean so many things to so many people. But for me today its meaning is EMANCIPATION.

As a child when we went on drives through the countryside or the coast, I really never thought of the struggles and plights that the slaves living in Barbados had to endure. I was free and believed it was always that way. Well, I know different now.

Today (08-01-2006) is Emancipation Day in Barbados. It is in recognition of the abolition of slavery here in Barbados. I did not attend the Emancipation walks today. Instead I rode my bicycle through St. George admiring what a beautiful country this is.

Now, I am capturing the sunset with the help of my niece. Her grasp of trying to hold or covet the sunset is my symbol of taking freedom into your own hands. This generation of Barbadians did not have to forge a revolt, escape shackles, or kill in the name of freedom. We simply have to remember many of our forefathers died in the process of making Barbados what it is today.

But slavery is not dead in the true sense of the word. There is still classism in this country. It is rooted. And like Tuberculosis, it is ever resilient to the daily penicillin of moral fiber, brotherhood, justice, family, law, respect, and all the other misgivings of inhumanity.

God Bless Barbados!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Party Monarch 2006, Barbados (07-30-2006)

Party Monarch 2006, Barbados (07-30-2006)

If it is Crop Over time in Barbados, then it is soca or calypso you want to hear. And may the music be wuk-up in nature, or a sweet love ballad, or a vintage calypso style melody, or even a social commentary tune, it is what fuels the body around this time.

So if you want to gyrate your body, move in such a way as to intoxicate the viewer, get on in a frenzy, or just let loose some of your tensions by way of music, then you have to attend what has become one of festival’s biggest attractions, The Party Monarch Finals.

The Mount Gay Cable & Wireless Party Monarch Finals is held on the scenic East Coast Road. Location is everything so you have to arrive early and secure your spot. Locals and tourist alike come in massive numbers to enjoy the music, food, culture, and simply just to have fun.

This year’s Party Monarch winner was Barry Chandler with the pulsating soca melody, ‘Flames’. And folks let me tell you, the song is hot.
I cannot wait until Crop Over 2007, just to do it all over again.

Enjoy and come visit.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

07-22-2006 (Chamberlain Swing Bridge)

Bridgetown, Barbados (07-22-2006)
Chamberlain (Swing) Bridge

In my youth the Chamberlain (Swing) Bridge was known to everyone as the Swing Bridge. Well, the bridge as we know it is no longer. In fact it does not swing anymore. The old bridge was remove in 2005 and was replaced with a new one. The new bridge is a hydraulic bridge, it lifts.

The old mechanical bridge was eroded and had not been able to swing in years. The Barbados National Trust wanted the government to restore the bridge to its old splendor. But it was argued that the swing bridge was out dated and needed to be on par with modern bridge technology. The result was a new hydraulic bridge that was put in place in 2006.

The name, Chamberlain (Swing) Bridge, still stands. It is now one of the completed projects in Bridgetown Redevelopment Program.

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07-22-2006 (Wharf Boardwalk)

Bridgetown, Barbados (07-22-2006)

The redevelopment of the Inner and Outer Careenage is definitely one of the projects I like. I believe it brings some beauty to the Wharf area. Seating along the waters edge along with the new walk way is absolutely wonderful.

Small and medium fishing boats used to dock in the inner part of the Wharf area pass the swing bridge. But since these improvements are in progress small fishing vessels are not allowed pass the swing bridge. It is rumored that after the project they will be allowed back. And if it is so, they may have to pay a small fee to moor along the walkway. I personally do not see the Government permitting them back. Let us wait and see.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

(07-22-2006) Pan In the City / The Tuk Band

Pan In the City / The Tuk Band (07-22-2006)
Bridgetown, St. Michael

Music is a great ice breaker. To me, it is the soul mankind. And if you have been lucky enough to see Pan Music being played, then you have witness sweet rhythms coming from hammered out oil drum. It is still an integral part of The Crop Over festival and it can be heard all over the island.

But my heart is with Tuk music. It is the folk beat of Barbados. Its inception was from the slave days where music was the expression of the slaves in Barbados. It is an energetic rhythm of drums, flutes, triangles, and other instruments. British Regimental band music is played in Tuk style along with African dances to make the masses move. Tuk bands in festive times customarily go form village to village playing the up tempo rhythm, inviting all to come enjoy and dance.

So enjoy the images and dance to the PAN and TUK.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

07-29-2006 (Waiting At The Bus Stop)

Waiting At The Bus Stop, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Waiting At The Bus Stop
St. George, Barbados

Sometimes you just have to wait at the bus stop.

07-29-2006 (Which-A-Way)

Which-A-Way, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

St. George, Barbados

No matter where in the world you are, you still have to make a decision. It is so universal, a street sign.

07-29-2006 (BUS STOP)

BUS STOP, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

St. George, Barbados

These Bus Stop signs are all over the island. If you are lost just look and see if the bus stop indicates you are going out of the city or heading to the city. Safe travel….

07-29-2006 (Country Ride)

Country Ride, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Country Ride
St. George, Barbados

Seeing this old gentleman riding an old time bicycle just brings back memories of the days where my bicycle was my dearest friend. I rode my bike to secondary school through my first 3 years. Crazily enough I even rode home for lunch.

But most of my riding would be on evenings, especially weekends. We (the Garden Land boys) would ride to the country and break sugarcane. We used to go tear up the swamp tracks. Now part of that large area is now the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary.

And for all bicycle enthusiasts, I had a Chopper bicycle.

Chopper bicycle links:
www.icons.org.uk/nom/nominations/raleigh-chopper-1 news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/nottinghamshire/3399423.stm

Monday, August 21, 2006

07-29-2006 (The Dry Well)

The Dry Well, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

The Dry Well
St. George, Barbados

No water is here. It is dry. And you better watch your step. The chances of someone coming along to rescue you are small. So, be careful..