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Thursday, October 19, 2006

St. David’s Church (07-31-2006)

church steeple
Originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

St. David’s Church
Christ Church, Barbados
Bike Riding

No matter what day it is when I am in Barbados it seems that I want to get out and ride my bike. Even if it is for an half of an hour I have to do it. When it comes to riding I feel that I am 12 again. Really, I am fearless when I am on my bicycle. Transformed back in time I ride like hell all over Barbados. Only now, I observe the beauty in almost every thing I see. And I have to sometimes, stop myself from taking a million pictures.

All that riding was making me sweat like crazy. I stopped for a rest at St. David’s Church, drank some water and ate a granola bar. I pass this church on my way to town most days. The church was vacant now so I got out my trusted camera and took a few shots. I love the architecture of this church. Sometime in the future I must research more about this beautiful church.

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