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St. Michael's Masonic Lodge

St. Michael's Masonic Lodge
Masonic Lodge
Pine Road, St. Michael
Barbados, West Indies
Series: Masonic Lodge on Pine Road

My love for walking Barbados is extreme. So much so, the heat of the day never seems discourage me. And like any other day, my wondering feet found me on Pine Road. The old Masonic Lodge caught my eye and I crossed the road to have a closer look. Some folks were hanging around the entrance, so I asked a few questions. But I could not gain entrance to take pictures of the interior. I had to settle for shooting the exterior.

This architectural beauty of limestone and soft-stone was built sometime around 1888. The Lodge was constituted on the 15th of May, 1888. But in the facade to the front of the building is engraved with 1892. Not sure what that date is for.

As of today the Masonic Lodge (St. Michael's Lodge) has been sold. Let us hope the building is not torn down for some crazy condo project or something of the like. Maybe, just maybe, it can be restored and uses as a museum or some commercial business offices.

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