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Friday, October 13, 2006

Party Monarch 2006, Barbados (07-30-2006)

Party Monarch 2006, Barbados (07-30-2006)

If it is Crop Over time in Barbados, then it is soca or calypso you want to hear. And may the music be wuk-up in nature, or a sweet love ballad, or a vintage calypso style melody, or even a social commentary tune, it is what fuels the body around this time.

So if you want to gyrate your body, move in such a way as to intoxicate the viewer, get on in a frenzy, or just let loose some of your tensions by way of music, then you have to attend what has become one of festival’s biggest attractions, The Party Monarch Finals.

The Mount Gay Cable & Wireless Party Monarch Finals is held on the scenic East Coast Road. Location is everything so you have to arrive early and secure your spot. Locals and tourist alike come in massive numbers to enjoy the music, food, culture, and simply just to have fun.

This year’s Party Monarch winner was Barry Chandler with the pulsating soca melody, ‘Flames’. And folks let me tell you, the song is hot.
I cannot wait until Crop Over 2007, just to do it all over again.

Enjoy and come visit.

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