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She Is In a Frenzy
David John Howard Thompson...RIP
Slanted Door
House in the Sun
A Door to Love
Bruised and Battered
Hung Pants
Brooklyn West Indian American Day Carnival 2010
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I Walked This Land
Take a Seat
Emerging Beauty
Chattel Houses in Color
It's the Color in Me
Strong Beauty
Wild Beauty
Beauty in the Middle
Garden Land Wild Flower
Born Beautiful
Garden Land Memories
Gutterperk in Brooklyn
Gutterperk Dreams
Colorful Gutterperk
Gutterperk and Rock
De Gutterperk
Red Motorcycle
Looking Towards Dash Valley
St. Joseph Parish Church
St. Michael's Masonic Lodge
Window of St. Michael's Lodge
Bricks and Window
Man in the Doorway
Two Chattel Houses
To My Viewers