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Costume with Style and Opulence

Costume with Style and Opulence
Mas Band: Gwyneth Squires 2007 Adult Costume Band
Theme: NISE & Tasty
Section: Mount Gay Special
Band Leader: Gwyneth Squires
Designer: Gwyneth Squires
Location: National Stadium, St. Michael, Barbados
Series: Barbados Crop Over 2007 - Kadooment Day
Date: (08-06-2007)

This is the second best Flag Person for 2007 Grand Kadooment.

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  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Gorgeous! The costume, colours, complexion, and her smile! Wonderful shot!

  2. JD, believe it or not, the person in the image is a HE, not a SHE.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. LOL!!!! I tell you Keith, I sat there staring at that picture and saying, "hmmm...isn't that a man?" I was going to e-mail you privately to ask, as I didn't want to offend anyone if it indeed was a she!

  4. How many parrots died for that head dress?


    Good to see that (s)he won a prize. There's a fair bit of effort gone into that outfit!

  5. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Are you serious??? And I just recently updated my glasses. LOL!

  6. Ann, Kris, JD, Gwyneth Squires is the designer of this Mas band. So the flag person above is wearing one of her costumes. Gwyneth wins many awards every year for her wonderful costumes and themes.