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Barbados I Come From

Barbados I Come From, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Barbados I Come From
Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, New York
Series: Brooklyn West Indian American Day Carnival

The Brooklyn West Indian American Day Carnival is a blend of all carnivals from the West Indies (Caribbean). And there is no limit on support for what ever West Indian island you hail from. But to see a young person (in this case a little girl) showing her national colors, gives me great pleasure and national pride.

I want to give blessings to all peoples of the West Indies.

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  1. For what it's worth, I think that Barbados has the best flag in of all the West Indian nations!

    Love the series, it looks like the day would have been a fun one.

  2. Kris, it is a cool flag. I wear a Barbados flag-pin on my coat every winter.

  3. Wow! :)

    I've always loved the colours of the Bajan flag. So bright and West Indian.

    Can you remind us of the meaning of the flag, Keith?

  4. The Barbados Flag in all its glory comprises of three equal vertical bands (blue or ultramarine, gold, blue or ultramarine). The blue represent the beautiful sky and the lovely sea of Barbados. The GOLD centre of the flag represents the sand of the gorgeous beaches. And the black broken TRIDENT, taken from the mythical sea god Neptune, is in center of the gold portion of the flag. It represents symbolically the break from Britain, the former colonizer.

  5. Of chance we have entered your blog and we have liked it

    regard from Catalonia Spain
    thank you

  6. Té la mà Maria - Reus, Thank you for dropping by my blog. I hope your stay was pleasant.

  7. It is a beautiful photo. You've got one more fan for your blog :)

  8. Qatar Cat, thanks for dropping by my blog. I will surely check yours as well.