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Kadooment Day 2006

Kadooment Day, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Barbados Crop Over 2006
Kadooment Day
National Stadium

Although they are many aspects and events that make up Crop Over, I love Grand Kadooment Day the best. I am not going to describe all of Crop Over for you. You can obtain all that information at Barbados.Org.

I used to don a costume and play mass. Now, I usually photograph the Grand Kadooment, which is always kept on the first Monday in August. Revelers first show their stuff at the Nation Stadium before heading to the streets. The bands and their costume members play mass in the streets all the way the final destination, which is Spring Garden Highway. Along the way it is fun, fun, fun.

This is the time revelers seem to be at their finest. They let themselves relax, almost in a trance with the music. The emotion on their faces and their body movements is what I try to capture.

So come enjoy the colors and faces of Crop Over 2006.

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  1. mayhap one of these days keith might be inclined to show us his Kadooment Day costume?

    ...I wonder if the blogosphere is ready for that?! :-D

  2. Ann, I only take pictures now. Last time I jumped was in 2004.