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Old Fashion Glass Windows

Old Fashion Glass Windows, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Old Fashion Glass Windows
From Here to There
Kensington Old Road, Bridgetown

Yes, you are correct. These are some old fashion windows. You wouldn’t find much of these kinds of windows anymore. However, I can tell you I have history with windows just like this one.

It was my reluctant task to clean the windows when I live in Harts Gap at my aunt’s old brick bungalow. Let me tell you that this was the only chore I hated. As a boy I did not mind going to the shop for a pound of salt or sugar. But to clean the windows every Saturday was just a loathful thing for me. Armed with soapy water, window cleaner, and a host of newspapers, I used to scrub and shine. Achy arms were the result most of time. My aunt was happy, but I wasn’t.

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  1. A despised task, yes. But I'm sure those windows sparkled when you were done! :)

    Plus, if your regular job doesn't work out you can always fall back on your greatly honed skill of window washing lol :-D