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The Modern Window

The Modern Window
The Modern Window
Fort George Heights
St. Michael, Barbados
Series: From Here to There

Fort George Heights is one of the riches gated communities in Barbados. Houses here can cost 3 million plus. The architecture of these homes is simply stunning. The hugeness of the properties can be overwhelming but I am just looking at windows. I just love windows.

This area has modern architecture at it finest. And even some relish in the past with some lavish Tudor and Victoria styles homes.

Again, I am just looking at the windows.

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  1. So you're looking to buy a window there Keith? ;-)

    I wonder how much a set of windows would cost in such a posh development? lol :)

  2. Ann, it would cost plenty money I am sure. The house next to it cost a fortune, $3,500,000. Where am I going to get that kind of money?

  3. Nice shot and compo!

  4. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I never thought I would love a window, but these have gotten me. LOL! Great shot!

    I want a house, but not as big as these, although I like to admire them.

  5. Stunner…thanks for your comment.

    JD…this house is lovely and big. You would get use to living in a mansion like this one. I am sure…