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Beautiful Sky

Beautiful Sky
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Beautiful Sky 
Christ Church / St. George
Barbados, West Indies
Series: Riding In the Heat

The heat coveted the land today, and it was taking no prisoners. Given a chance the heat would beat you down every time. I walked on the hot cemented path to the shed. The bicycle was prepared and I was off riding across the land again. There was some reprieve with the breezes hugging me as I rode.

Today my destination was unknown. But I meandered from Frere Pilgrim across some parts of Christ Church to Dash Valley, St. George. The views were great. And it led me to wonder how long all that open space would be left vacant. The voracious appetite for land in Barbados is paramount. Time, I guess, will tell.

Enjoy the images.

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  1. Anonymous11:10 AM

    you probably meant "covered the land" and not "coveted the land". As typos go, that's a pretty funny one.

  2. Typos are never funny. I always appreciate when errors are pointed out to me. Much thanks and I hope you enjoyed the piece overall.

    I will leave the error (for a bit) so folks can have an idea as to what this was all about.


  3. this is so beautiful, I would love to visit Barbadoes one day.

  4. Barbados is a beautiful island. God willing, you will get there someday.

    I am elated you love the photos and the brief journalistic pieces that accompany them. PEACE.

  5. Love the clouds in the upper right corner shot.

  6. Thanks Elspeth, what a hot day it was. Thanks for viewing the post. PEACE.

  7. I wish I were feeling the heat right now, its so cold here in London. Visit my blog ok.