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Barbados, St. George Parish Church (08-01-2006)

St. George Parish Church
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The Glebe, St. George
St. George Parish Church

The heat was more than an adversary. It was playing a duel role. Trying my best to cool off, it was a resilient companion. My water bottle was empty and hot. But I peddled across Dash Valley in route to St Gorge Parish Church.

A bit tired and briefly confused by the afternoon sun I lost my way. I asked a chap at the bus stop which way to go, but he was not from the area. I pushed on and decided to stop at local shop in a distance. Approaching the open shop I dropped the bike to the floor. I ordered a PLUS and a bottle of water. The PLUS was gone before you knew it.

Getting proper directions I moved on. Ten to fifteen minutes later I was before the beautiful Georgian type St. George Parish Church. This massive church was built in 1784. In 1780 the first church on the premises was destroyed by a hurricane. Today it is considered the oldest ecclesiastical building on the island.

I treasured the moments like I was a kid with a new toy. Then my cell ran. It was my sister checking if I was going to make it back in time. Yes, my cousin was going to take us down the coast (Speightstown’s Old Coast Road) for an evening drive.

On the move again, I rode with the wind. It was favorable again. The wheels of my bicycle whistled like sounds in the night.

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  1. That is such a beautiful church and the slide show is very unique.

  2. It is a beautiful church and most folk just pass by not realizing the stunning architecture. Thanks for taking the time to view the blog.


  3. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Hi, great photos. What is a PLUS?

  4. PLUS is a unique enery drink brewed by
    Banks Barbados Breweries (BANKS). You can find more information about PLUS and other products on the Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) web site.