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Kirby Posing (Grandmother’s Dog)

Kirby Posing, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Kirby Posing
Joypa Drive
Frere Pilgrim, Christ Church
Barbados, West Indies
Series: Grandmother’s Dog
Part of Series: In The Back Yard (12-01-2008)

Dogs have always been a part of my childhood. My grandmother and aunt were dog and cat lovers. But later on dogs were only kept. There have been many different dogs since I was 6 years or so. Nevertheless, all the dogs fortunate to be in the care of my grandmother have always had nothing but love.

The latest dogs, Kirby and Teddy, have their own blend of food. And I do not mean dog food like Kibbles ‘n Bits. They get cooked food daily. Food can consist of rice or macaroni, topped with tuna, sardines, chicken, or other available meats. They are treated like kings.

The birds come like clockwork every day when the dogs are feeding. The blackbirds are the main culprits, with the doves and sparrows right behind. So sometimes I go to the yard checking the birds act like scavengers, while trying to take a few shots of them.

Today Kirby has eaten and now he is in the doghouse chilling. He is the cool one, unlike wild Teddy. He has got my attention by the way he is relaxing; looks like he is on vacation or something. I am rattling of a barrage of shots. Kirby is posing and believe you me I am not asking him too. Portraits of people are hard enough, far less a dog. Kirby is in fine form today, I think maybe he is trying to tell me the food was good.

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