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The Ruins at Farley Hill

The Ruins at Farley Hill, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

The Ruins at Farley Hill
Farley Hill National Park
St. Peter, Barbados
Event: Soca on De Hill, Barbados
Series: Soca on De Hill, Barbados

So here I am at Farley Hill National Park in hills of St. Peter. Soca on De Hill is in full swing and even though I arrived late I am early. Folk are coming in droves with one intention in mind, to party and listen to the likes of the local band krosfyah with Edwin Yearwood, the Trinidadian sensation Machel Montano, sweet trini queen Destra backed by the Atlantik band, Rupee, and a number of the popular local soca artistes who are pumping or fueling the music for Crop-Over 2007.

But it is odd seeing a show situated in the ruins of the Farley Hill House. The initial house was built in 1818. Over a period of 50 years it grew in size and was then regarded as one of the most extraordinary mansion in Barbados. One of it most influenced owners was Sir Graham Briggs, a wealthy planter. He improved on the house and the landscaped of the property.

The house was used in the pleasant film Island in the Sun; however, it was later destroyed by fire. The Queen of England, Elizabeth II, officially open Farley Hill as a Nation Park in 1966.

But so many people are here. I am walking the high ground and looking on to a vast green below. The breeze is wonderful and most welcomed. The jagged Atlantic coast is in sight. It is a beautiful. The scenic vista is taking a hold of me. The pulsating music is slowly being tuned out. I am hypnotized by the view.

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  1. great ruins..i always love to see things from the olden days..wish places like these could be preserved..they're beautiful. you take very good photos too.
    happy new year to you..

  2. Elay, thank you for dropping by. I thank you for your comment.

    How is life in the AIR? I hope you have a great 2008.

  3. I agree with elay. I wish they could be restored to their former glory and preserved.

    But then again, there's something about ruins. You walk through and try to imagine what the house looked like in all its glory. I usually try to imagine who lived there and what they did in each room...:)

    It must have been quite grand to be here whenever they had parties...to see all the ladies in their beautiful gowns and fellows in their handsome suits.

    Have a splendid 2008 Keith!

  4. Anonymous12:33 PM

    I am a Farley descendant, living in Mississippi, United States. Hope to see these ruins one day.

    Bonnie Farley Gary