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JU-C, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.BDOSOWMRH072507_0115

Old White Men’s Retirement Home
Country Road, St. Michael
Barbados, West Indies
Series: Old White Men’s Retirement Home Revisited

You are looking at almost a full case of JU-C soft drink bottles. It is an oddity because over 90 percent of the carbonated soft drinks bottled in Barbados are now in plastic containers. So this case has obviously been sitting there on the property of the decaying Old White Men’s Home for some time. You can say the empty bottles fits in with the old place.

The red JU-C (Cola Champagne) was my favorite flavor in the 1970s. My father loved the red JU-C with milk. He was almost fanatical with this concoction. But, during second and third form in secondary school, I loved the PINE JU-C. I just could not get enough of them. Now, any JU-C would do. They were on their way out some time ago. Let’s us hope the JU-C will be around in Barbados for years to come. JU-C is now bottled by SMJ Beverages (Barbados) Inc.

This image was taken on the premises of the Old White Men’s Retirement Home. You can read more about this wonderful old decaying property here.

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  1. Yes,nothing like a red JUC. Milk or not it's perfect

  2. Abeni, thanks for dropping by. A JU-C is a wonderful drink, especially when cold.

  3. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Can you purchase this beverage in N.Y.?

  4. JU-C can be found at some locations in Brooklyn. I will check and post the locations here.

  5. Yes if you can post them i would love that ive been longing for one

  6. Anonymous9:59 PM

    I had a bet with my mother that, years ago there was a pink grapefruit and lime (almost neon green color) ju-c. I can remember drinking these, (not frutee) Ju-c's but no one seems to remember these flavors!!!

  7. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I remember the pink grapefruit in the glass bottles! Wow!

  8. In 1968 Barbados, Ju-C was marketed as "The Cool Big One" (7-Up was "The Wet and Wild One").

  9. That was some cool marketing...