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Another Old Windmill

Another Old Windmill, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Another Old Windmill
Old White Men’s Retirement Home
Country Road, St. Michael
Barbados, West Indies
Series: Old White Men’s Retirement Home Revisited

The grounds surrounding the Old White Men’s Retirement Home has some real treasures, and this old decaying windmill is no different. Nature has long since decided its fate engulfing it with vines, thick brushes, and trees. Its usefulness may be just nostalgic today, but I am sure it served a purpose like pumping water or some sort.

As a boy this windmill was non operational. The blades were still attached however, and the wind would give some indication that some life was still there. Neglect has been this windmill’s constant companion for some years and who knows what the future holds for this old relic of the past.

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  1. It looks like nature is taking its revenge!

    It must be a really interesting journey back over these landmarks that you remember as a child.

  2. It feels surreal sometimes. What I won’t give to be 10 again.

  3. Great picture - it shows the past(the wind as power) and the present (the forces of unchecked nature). The future remains to be seen, I hope that this structure will be around for a long time. It would be a shame if our connections to the past all disappeared. PS Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Are there any windmills that have been restored or converted to modern use?
    I think they are such beautiful structures. I wonder how long ago the window/door on this one was painted that bright red colour?

  5. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Awesome capture! Makes one curious as to what this structure might have looked like in its prime. A "now and then" series perhaps?