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The Beach in All of Us

The Beach in All of Us, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

The Beach in All of Us
From Here to There
Browne's Beach, Barbados

The Beach in All of Us

The land was hot.
But the sea welcomed us to her arms
And we succumbed to her charms.
She, without knowing our troubles
Gave us comfort and a place to belong
We splashed in her waters like the kids we were
Our fruits salted, gave a bitter
Sweet taste to our tongues
We were happy in our youth
The holes in our pants and shirts
Did not hinder our many adventures
We were lucky but didn’t know it
Many Sundays saw us walk across
The hot tar barefooted
Not caring about the discomfort
The beach was our place of refuge
Browne’s Beach with all her beauty
Was a friend to many
And she was a mother to all.


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  1. Doesn't everyone love the beach? The water is such a lovely blue you just feel like jumping right in. Especially in this ridiculous heat!

    I like the new header by the way ;)

  2. I know, just cannot wait for vaction. I will be heading for the beach.

    Thanks about the header...


  3. Phew! I rushed over here to see if I had called you Kevin as well! Lol! Sorry about that Keith.

  4. Ann, no problem...LOL...