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Little Sparrow (08-04-2006)

Little Sparrow, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Little Sparrow
Walking Into My Past
Browne's Beach
Bay Street,
St. Michael, Barbados

The heat was in the air and the lovely breeze from the beach was welcoming. The little sparrows darted everywhere as I tried to take a shot. A moment of rest on the wing gave me an opportunity and I accepted.

Hunting birds in my youth was big thing for me. It was me against the wild. I became very clever with the gutterperk (slingshot). My mastery of the gutterperk was so good that I often predicted where on the bird’s body I was going to hit.

But I never hunted sparrows. They were just too small and lovely. Thankfully, I no longer hunt birds. The camera has now become my gutterperk.

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