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Harrison College Secondary School

Harrison College Secondary School
Harrison College Secondary School
Crumpton Street, Bridgetown
St. Michael, Barbados
West Indies
Series: Harrison College – The Secondary School

This illustrious High School (Harrison Free School) had its humble start in Spry Street, St Michael. In 1733 the school was established by a wealthy Bridgetown merchant by the name of Thomas Harrison. The school was to serve the poor and destitute boys from the Bridgetown area. In 1780 a huge hurricane leveled a huge amount of Bridgetown including the school. The property was repaired at a huge sum but consequently fell into poor condition and was sold to the Masonic Lodge in 1781. The school reopened in 1789 on Crumpton Street, but by then it was a high class grammar school for the rich elite boys of the gentlemen class. The all boys' status ended in early 1980s when it became co-ed.

Harrison College Secondary High School (I am not certain when the school was renamed) spans over several acres and comprises of many buildings and playing fields. It is one of the most prominent sixth form secondary schools in Barbados and the Caribbean. The school is known for its high academic standards and only the brightest gain entrance after a competitive common entrance examination. The High School boasts many great former students, some of which went on and became Prime Ministers, Lawyers, Bankers, and great sports people.

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