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Essence of a Woman

Essence of a Woman, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Essence of a Woman
Mas Band: Contact
Theme: Essence of a Woman
Section: Sassy
Band Leader: Anthony Layne
Designer: Anthony Layne
National Stadium, St. Michael, Barbados
Series: Barbados Crop Over 2008 - Kadooment Day

It was yet another year of merriment, euphoric parties, and endless cultural event, it was a blast. And on the day of days Crop Over 2008, Kadooment Day did not disappoint.

Loaded with my camera gear and jamming to the sweet soca music I shot just about everything. Trying to capture those wonderful moments of complete joy by the revelers, I endured the hot sun. Water was my companion.

One song was in my mind that day. It was song by Rupee called, Feet Don’t Fail Me Now. That was my motivation to keep up with revelers.

New images of Kadooment Day 2008 will be added from time to time as I edit and process them. So check back when time permits. Thanks.

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  1. LOL! What a face she made! Somehow I doubt she would be very happy with you for posting this pic, keith. :-)

    But her skin is flawless and look at that burst of gold on her head! Wow.

  2. Ann, actually she was about to pose for me. But I snapped a few shots while she was getting to position.

  3. graet picture; some pictures of the recent Notting Hill carnival can be seen on my blog

  4. Anonymous9:04 AM

    The colours are so rich!!! Her expression is classic, lol. I wished I looked that good when "getting to position", as you put it. :)

  5. JD, you are so funny.

    Well, she was moving around and I was waiting for the go ahead, since I asked to take her picture. But I never stop shooting, LOL. So that is how I got this shot. I love these types of unrehearsed shots.