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BMEX 2008

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BMEX 2008
Barbados Manufacturers' Exhibition
Sherbourne Conference Centre
9 - 12 May, 2008
Series: BMEX 2008

Making a full or part time living as photographer is one of the hardest things to do. Taking the images is the easiest part of the business. Compiling and marketing are the juggernauts of photography. Marketing is not one of my strong points. Let me be the first to say that.

Lately I had the opportunity to showcase a portion of my photography at BMEX 2008 held at the Sherbourne Conference Centre in Barbados. Basically, I was showcasing my book, Old Barbados through Photography. Prints (framed) were exhibited and were up for sale.

More than 80 percent of the folks who visited my booth related their gratitude and support of me highlighting Old Barbados. At the moment, many of the old and decaying homes and buildings in Barbados are under pressure of disappearing due to the influx of new building, especially the introduction of the overwhelming Condo craze. Many of these places can be restored and still be commercially useful.

I was particular elated and inspired when quite a few young folk came asking about my technique and about my unwavering determination to capture old Barbados. One chap when as far as to ask if I could take him on as an assistant photographer. But to be honest, I am just finding my way. I am still learning.

So within all the excitement, many of my prints were sold. The books I had on hand, sold out. All in all, it was a good experience. The feedback was excellent and I got a few ideas from other artists who were also exhibiting.

BMEX was well attended. For me, I was happy to be a part of it.

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  1. Well good for you Keith!!
    I'm especially impressed when young people appreciate the "oldness" of things and think it important to preserve our heritage.

    Just yesterday a youngish colleague and I were talking about
    a 200 year old house
    that sits close to our office and which is part of an estate sale.

    I was musing out loud that I hope whoever buys it restores it and turns it into a little boutique cafe. Her response? "Why would anybody want to restore that? It's so old and dilapidated. It's going to cost more to restore it than to knock it down and build something else there."

    I was shocked and saddened by her lack of appreciation for how unique and old the structure is.

  2. That old house is definably worth restoring. I can see it as a Bed-And-Breakfast. Love the gable roof.