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Series: From Laundry Road to Sunday school

1. The Grand Freemasons Lodge, 2. The Barbados Central Bank, 3. Arch of Saint Michael’s Cathedral, 4. Saint Michael's Cathedral

St. Michael's Row & Spry Street
St. Michael, Barbados
Series: From Laundry Road to Sunday school

Sunday school was more than just 10 cents collection, pray, and the word of God. It was shining shoes, putting on the Sunday clothes, and making sure our hair was combed. None of those things, however, we kids cared about. But our grandmother cared and we had to tow the line or get lashes.

We would leave Laundry Road and head to church. On the way we kicked rocks, cans, anything kickable. Church was not that far by kid’s standards. We could have walked a thousand miles as long as it delayed getting to church.

Turning on Church Street (gap) we would immediately smell the garbage from the Sanitation depot. It was hold your nose time. The Sanitation Depot is long gone now. The Barbados Central Bank sits on that stretch of property now. Lovely benches nowadays adorn the area and the tamarinds still fall from the massive tree close by.

The Masonic Lodge was located to the back of the Saint Michael’s Cathedral on Spry Street. Many times I wondered who those folks in the black suits entering and leaving that old building were. They seemed mysterious.

But really, we have not time ponder. It was church and Sunday school we had to go to. We would enter the church digging into our pockets making sure we didn’t lose that Heavenly 10 cent.

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