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Historic Colonnade Building

Colonnade Building

Historic Colonnade Building
Bridgewater's, Broad Street
Bridgetown, Barbados
Series: Barbados: To the Capital

I am on my way to the capital, Bridgetown, but photo opportunities are proving hard to come by. The rain is slightly sporadic and the window to the car is closed. There will be a few stops on the way. Maybe, I can with some maneuvering, manage to capture a few things.

This beautiful old structure is the Colonnade Building. Situated on the top of this lovely building is the1898 sign. So, I am assuming that is either when it was built or some significant thing happened that year.

It is located in downtown Broad Street and is now called DaCostas Mall. More than 25 shops (mostly Duty Free) make up the mall and sell everything from liquor, jewelry, to postcards.

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  1. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Love the pink colour. It suits it somehow. And it looks well maintained. Does the clock still work? LOL!

  2. The building is beautiful and fortunately it is still in use and in good condition.

    As for the clock, I check the time I took the picture and the time was correct. So, I gather is id working. LOL…

  3. You know the minute I saw that pink and blue I just knew it was Dacosta Mall! lol :)

    I remember that mall very well, yet can't remember ever noticing that sign or clock on top of it.

  4. Ann, folks just pay attention to the shops inside, never bothering to look at the building it self. But it is a wonderful building.