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Monday, May 21, 2007

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral (08-04-2006)

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral
Walking Into My Past
Bay Street,
St. Michael, Barbados

Church was a part of growing up. And no matter if you disliked the clothing or the fact you had to go to Sunday school, it was all irrelevant as far as my grandmother was concerned.

It is funny that when I was a kid the home I grew up in was a two denomination (religion) house. While my younger sister, my cousin, and I attended The St. Michael's Cathedral Church, my sister and my older cousin went to St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral.

Having no idea of loyalty we would on some occasions skip going to the Anglican Church in favor of the Catholic Church. Needless to say, my grandmother never knew of our little indiscretion.

Today I can admire this beautiful structure called St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral. In 1848 the original Cathedral built but in 1897 it was ruined by fire. The Cathedral as it is today was rebuilt in 1899, and its consecration was on August 23, 1903.

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