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St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral
Walking Into My Past
Bay Street, St. Michael
Series: Walking Into My Past

Denis Grady, a well know Gospel singer in Canada and a member of Franciscan and Friends organization was working on a benefit concert for St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Barbados. The charity concert was to raise money for the much needed repairs to the very Old Catholic church.

Since, the concert was actually going to be on the grounds of Cathedral; Denis thought it would have been good to have an actual image of the church on the advertising poster. And that is where I came in to the project.

Denis Grady and other artist take time from touring and other musical endeavors every year to do some charity work to benefit some needy cause. Franciscan and Friends Music Mission are on a mission this year again, South Africa Mission 2009. I want to wish them all the best for kind work they do.

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B a r b a d o s I n F o c u s.
k e i t h c l a r k e p h o t o g r a p h y

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