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The Barbados Housing Authority (08-04-2006)

The Barbados Housing Authority
Walking Into My Past
Country Road,
St. Michael, Barbados

This is The Barbados Housing Authority building. And my only regret is this is relatively a new building. It has been 3 to 4 years now that this new building was erected. But there are still memories here.

I remembered the huge premises as a playing ground for kids in the Garden Land, a nearby community (village). Lots of trees located in the rear of the property created a wonderful place to play and have fun. It was a wonderful area for hunting Doves and picking fruit.

There was and still is a concrete canal running behind the Housing Authority that ferries the excess waters waste from the nearby Laundry facility. Kids would jump from one side of the narrow canal to the other trying not to fall in to the water. To the locals this canal was called the “dippy”, and that bit of maneuvering was called, the panty.

But if there was any one thing that I loved about the visiting that area of the property was the humongous Almond tree that still stands. I really cannot give a number to the amount of almonds that I consumed. Those days I cannot forget.

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