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Face of a Reveler

Face of a Reveler, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Face of a Reveler
Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, New York
Series: Brooklyn West Indian American Day Carnival 2009

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  1. Jambo Keith! I (Steve) lived in Barbados for a few years a LONG time ago...wonderful country.
    You should come down here on the Swahili Coast and do take some fabulous photos for your rreaders. :-)
    BTW, greetings from East Africa on the beautiful, tranquil shores of the Indian Ocean on Kenya's South coast in Shimoni & Wasini Island. This place is a hidden gem amongst the world's well known tourist attractions with its abundant dolphin spotting, snorkeling, scuba diving, traditional dhow sailing opportunities as well as some of the best Swahili and seafood cuisine.

    The tourists in this area contribute to the many Community Development & Eco-Tourism projects that we take part in such as Kenya Kesho, The Shimoni Slave Caves, The Year of the Dolphin, and the mystical Wasini Women's Boardwalk with a surreal coral garden. You can find about these projects on our site.

    Hope to see you in these parts some day with your camera. We difinitely could use some nice coastal and underwater shots. :-)


    - Sally & Steve Mullens
    Charlie Claw's - Wasini Island