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Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary

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Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary
Graeme Hall Swamp National Environmental Heritage Site
Worthing Main Road
Christ Church, Barbados
Series: Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary

There is a war in the minds and hearts of many when it comes to the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. And if you believe I am talking about the common citizens of Barbados, I am not. The Government seems to be at a mental block when it comes to understanding the significant of a major green space like the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary (and the surrounding areas). Apparently the powers that be in the Government cannot bring themselves to naming the Graeme Hall Swamp area a National Park.

It gets a bit stickier. Peter Allard an environmental philanthropist and owner of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary sadly declared he will be closing the sanctuary on December 15, 2008. He and thousands of Barbadians have petition the government for many years to declare the swamp area a National Park. Mr. Allard even said publicly that he would gift the government of Barbados the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary if they were to name the surrounds swamp areas and the sanctuary a National Park.

I have had the ability in the late 1970s to fish, hunt doves, and crabbing in the Graeme Hall Swamp area. In those days you would not be able to avoid getting your feet muddy while fishing on the banks of the swamp. It is a beautiful nature area.

Now you can admire what Peter Allard has done with the swamp area. One can now visit without getting your feet muddy. The ample paths of boardwalks give visitors lovely views of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and its wonderful wildlife. The sanctuary boasts three aviaries: the St. Vincent Amazon Exhibit; the Gully Habitat Aviary; and the Marshland Aviary. It is an oasis for the youth of Barbados, an educational imperative. I really cannot conceive this great green piece of Barbados closing. What a damn shame that would be if the government of Barbados allows the closure of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary to go forward.

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  1. A great set here. It makes me want to quit my job and head off for Barbados for a few weeks, months, years...

  2. Kris, come on. But remember to bring loads of money.

  3. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I was there today appreciating the beauty of the place on what is seemingly the end of the road for the Sanctuary. Hopefully the plans they have for it to become a national park will happen and it will go on to become an even greater asset for the whole of Barbados and everyone that visits this island.

  4. Garry, I have no choice but to be optimistic. The people of Barbados must be heard.