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Brooklyn West Indian American Day Carnival (2008)

We Jamming, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

We Jamming
Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, New York
Series: Brooklyn West Indian American Day Carnival

The feeling of this carnival has waned a bit for me. Maybe I am older now and it is not as important to me as it was years ago. Maybe it is the fact alcohol is not permitted and having a good time sober is stretching it a bit. But what am I talking about anyway, I never drank then either. Maybe the time it takes to start now is the problem. Gosh, 11:00 AM and still waiting, what are will the spectators be thinking. And by 6:00 PM or before, all is done.

Security around the surrounding streets of Eastern Parkway was tight this year. I am not sure if it was really security or the fact they were trying to stifle the parade. The bus ride along Utica was ok. But when you walked to Buffalo and tried to go up to Eastern Parkway, the cops were there to stop you. The nearby park was also off limits. So no short cut was available. You had to walk all the way back to Utica to gain access to Eastern Parkway and the parade. While walking, all that could be heard were folks cussing the organization or the disorganization of access to areas.

Luckily, the Bajan band was approaching Utica as I got onto Eastern Parkway. Positioning myself behind the truck I began to take pictures. The music took me and I forgot all about the hassle it took getting there. Feet don’t fail me now was my cry.

New images of Brooklyn West Indian American Day Carnival 2008 will be added from time to time as I edit and process them. So check back when time permits. Thanks.

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  1. There is something special about the Barbadian flag’s shade of blue. Coupled with the yellow, it evokes a lot of happy feelings.

  2. Most definitely the flag is beautiful. I love the colors and wear the flag of Barbados with pride.