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Barbados: Wood, Water, and Sun

Wood, Water, and Sun, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Old Coast Road, Speightstown,
St. Peter, Barbados

My faithful Pacific Mountain Bike had been put to rest for the evening. But adventure still loomed. My cousin decided we were all going for and evening drive. I welcomed the opportunity. When I was a youth we went on many a drive and excursions (picnics). Life was much simpler then. It was corn beef and lettuce sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, and the much hated cheese paste sandwiches with pepper. But on this one, we would have to settle for frutees, water, and nuts.

Our destination was the Old Coast Road in Speightstown. It was the perfect opportunity to hunt for some sunsets. The air was refreshing as we drove through the countryside. My youth was coming back again. And like kids we were giggling about stories from the past.

On that evening you could not fault me for envying the fisher folk of the area. What beautiful sunsets they have to enjoy. The calm waters, the jetty with kids fishing, the distant noise of dominos, the quaint houses in the area, all these things were ample proof that life can be as simple as want it to be. And the sunsets were surely kissing the evening away.

Enjoy the sunsets.

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