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Still Enslaved?

Still Enslaved?, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Still Enslaved?
George Washington House
Bush Hill House
Bush Hill, The Garrison
St. Michael, Barbados
Series: George Washington House (Bush Hill House)

Democracy, it is still a work in progress. These statues are located at the only house George Washington ever lived in outside The United States. And Barbados was the only country he visited outside America.

George later went on to greatness, the first father of the United States of America. The SLAVES, well that is another story.

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  1. There is something that I never knew before!

    I like the way that the sculptor, and your photograph, has captured the dignity of the slave. It's hard to see how the man who righteously raged against the indignities of taxation without representation could tolerate the monstrosity of slavery.

  2. Kris, three words should sum it up: greed, power, money.

  3. Great collection! Splendid shots! Keith, I wonder if you've ever gone photographing cemeteries. As a historian they fascinate me. I would sure like to see what there is in Barbados.

    Cobert Roberto Reid
    The Silver People Chronicle