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Old Welfare Department Building (Old Eye Hospital)

Old Welfare Department Building (Old Eye Hospital)
Bay Street, St. Michael
Series: Barbados: Walk along Bay Street

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  1. Is this still in use? It's a beautiful old building, but perhaps needs some paint to bring it back up to scratch.

  2. One of several wonderful but sadly neglected PUBLICLY OWNED buildings in Bridgetown. Great shame. Reminds me to a lesser degree of the blight and neglect in downtown Kingston, Jamaica.

  3. Kris, this building has not been in use for decades. And I cannot deny how lovely the property still is. At the moment its enemy is vagrants, the elements, and time.

    Dennis, hopefully the neglect will end soon. There were and I wager still are some governmental talks about restoring this building and the others across the street form the Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church. A new administration was elected only a shot time ago, and your guess is as good as mine as to the length of time it will take the new government to get around to this project. Bear in mind the Empire Theater restoration project and others have not yet commenced.

  4. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Lovely photograph, Keith. Make sure you get one of that old Ministry of Health building! :-)

  5. Rory, I will get to that building the next time I am home. Usually, I work off a list I have that relates to photography projects I am working on. My goal is to capture all the old buildings (structures) in Barbados.

  6. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Fabulous work. I love the old buildings as well. I am a interior designer here from vancouver and have always had a connection with the older architecture here. I am now living and opened a design firm here in Barbados and it is refreshing to see someone who sees the beauty in these buildings as much as I do. Would love to see more of your work.

    Fabulous stuff!

  7. B&W , unquestionably I am delighted that you took the time to visit this blog and left such a wonderful comment.

    There are many such old buildings in Barbados and many folks pass them by without an ounce of notice. But we cannot fault them. You either have the love for these old structures or not.

    You can search this blog for more of Old Barbados. Or you can checkout my Flickr site and search there as well.

    Your profile seems to be private so I could not obtain any information on whether you have a blog also.

    Again thank you for dropping by this blog.

  8. >>>Usually, I work off a list I have that relates to photography projects I am working on.<<<

    Ahh, so there is a certain method to the madness. :)

    I wonder though if we put too much pressure on our governments. Why can't those big corporations or other private persons/bodies contribute to maintaining these old buildings?

  9. Ann, the government of Barbados is at the moment considering implementing FLY-OVERS to alleviate traffic. If that, why not work on a property like this or others.

  10. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Unfortunately the government owns most of these properties now. Since this they have all gone to ruin and or have been demolished. Where as in other countries are preserved or re-built.

    Private companies would not be able to do these via all the red tape etc. It has been attempted.

  11. Anonymous, I want to thank you for that bit of insight.

    In the end, whichever way we look at it, it is still a sad thing.

    Thank you for dropping by the blog.