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Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Empire Theatre

The Empire Theatre, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Empire Theatre
The Empire Theatre
Probyn Street, Bridgetown
St. Michael, Barbados
Series: Walk along Bay Street

This beautiful limestone and brick building, The Empire Theater, was built in 1922 by a group of investors. The climate at the time dictated that the theater could not only afford to accommodate theatrical performances. Hence, some vaudeville acts and shot screen pieces were done. In the end films won out over the ever decreasing theatrical shows.

In the 1940s it was owned by The British Colonial Film Exchange, Ltd. Today it is in disrepair and it slated by the government to be restored to it glory and be the home for the National Company for Performing Arts.

You can also read an article the Barbados Nation Newspaper did on the Empire Theatre.

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  1. I sure hope they will restore it to its former glory. It is such a shame when these historic buildings are allowed to deteriorate like this.

  2. Ann, thank you for viewing and it is a sad thing. But just this morning when I was reading the RSS feed from the Nation Newspaper of Barbados, I came across some promising news. Apparently, there will be funding made available the restore this magnificent building. The roof caved in and now there is a mad rush to restore the old structure before the decay gets any worst.

    The first and second article can be read online at the Nation Newspaper of Barbados.

  3. Pity they didn't think of doing this earlier. No doubt the repairs would have been less costly. :-/

  4. Well as the saying goes, better late than never. It is a wonderful building. As a child I saw many movies there…nice memories…

  5. Anonymous6:43 AM

    This is a great site. I have been coming to the island for 15 years and for 15 years, i have hoped someone would care enough to restore the Empire. With positive thinking, and Government money it will happen. Perhaps then Theatre will be able to really flourish again.

    Check out www.galetheatre.com

    This is a brand new Anglo/Barbadian Theatre company based in Bridgetown and for 08 we are producing Macbeth. I would like to talk to the photographer of this site.

  6. Anonymous, thanks for dropping by my blog, and I appreciate your comment.

    Well, the government of Barbados has openly declared The Empire Theater will be restored. Work, as I understand, will commence something time in 2008.

    You can reach me at pictureinfocus@yahoo.com.


  7. Anonymous2:04 PM

    excellent news of the restoration. That building has such great potential and everytime I drove by it I wondered why it was sitting neglected.

  8. Well, the government of Barbados has openly declared The Empire Theater will be restored. Work, as I understand, will commence something time in 2008. - great to hear this..excellent news...