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Steel Pan Over There

Steel Pan Over There, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Pan Music Sweet
Bridgetown in Random Mode 2007

Steel Pan Over There
Heroes Square, Bridgetown
St. Michael, Barbados
Event: Pan in the City 2007
Series: Bridgetown in Random Mode

It is my second day on the island. Waking up was a bit hard. I just wanted to sleep. But as vacations go, you got to get going or it will pass you by.

So I am bumming a lift with my cousin to Bridgetown hoping maybe I will be able catch some part of PAN IN THE CITY.

Well, I am here and not much people are partaking in this event. An old man just related that if this was a reggae show then all the young folks would he here. They cannot appreciate PAN was his cry. Frankly, I agree with him. I think I am going to head over to Swan Street and meet up with a friend and return a bit later.

At this moment I have no discipline or any theme to think of, so I am shoot anything. Yes, I am shooting wild and hopefully some thing will look good.

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  1. I confess it took me some time to appreciate Pan Music. I'm still not so sure I like the sound of it.

    To be honest, I am more fascinated by the skill it takes to produce the music from the pans! I'm sure that old man would have looked at me with horror! :-D

  2. If you took the time to listen I am sure you would love it. Well, they played PAN to Bob Marley’s music. Stay tune to a post on that topic.