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Chamberlain Swing Bridge

Chamberlain (Swing) Bridge, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.
Chamberlain (Swing) Bridge
Bridgetown, St. Michael
Series: Bridgetown, Barbados

In my youth the Chamberlain (Swing) Bridge was known to everyone as the Swing Bridge. Well, the bridge as we know it is no longer. In fact it does not swing anymore. The old bridge was remove in 2005 and was replaced with a new one. The new bridge is a hydraulic bridge, it lifts.

The old mechanical bridge was eroded and had not been able to swing in years. The Barbados National Trust wanted the government to restore the bridge to its old splendor. But it was argued that the swing bridge was out dated and needed to be on par with modern bridge technology. The result was a new hydraulic bridge that was put in place in 2006.

The name, Chamberlain (Swing) Bridge, still stands. It is now one of the completed projects in Bridgetown Redevelopment Program.

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