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07-22-2006 (Pan In the City)

The afternoon heat is tremendous. The beach should be calling, but I am gathering with hundreds of other people near the Lord Nelson statute to hear ‘Pan in the City’. The steel pan players setting up and we are anxiously waiting for it to start.

I am always amazed how the pan players can get such sweet sounds from something a mundane as an oil drum.

My water bottle now has warm water. The sun is baking everything. The tourist, however, do not seem to mind if it melts their shoes. They love it.

Well, needless to say, the steel pan music is now blaring throughout Bridgetown (Barbados’s capital). The folk are dancing and having fun. I am now on my 3rd snow- cone in an effort to combat the heat. I am trying to take a few pictures. I am dancing as well. All I can say for sure is that STEEL PAN music sweet.

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