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Old Barbados through Photography

It is my mission to bring Old Barbados back to the forefront via photography. Whether it be some old chattel house, an old soft stone house, or some other dilapidated dwelling, you can still find some subtle beauty in them.

These stirring images came as I escaped in to my past. Traversing the island of Barbados, I was looking for all that was old and beautiful. It led me to childhood places and what came out was a photojournalist body of work.

Old Barbados is disappearing, making way for the new. By the time you read this book, many of these images may have already been bulldozed.

Head on over to Blurb.com and purchase this photojournalist book on Old Barbados.

Please, enjoy these images of Old Barbados.

B a r b a d o s I n F o c u s
k e i t h c l a r k e p h o t o g r a p h y
f a c e b o o k

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  1. I hope most of them will still be standing for many years to come.