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A View from Worthing Beach

A View from Worthing Beach
Worthing Beach
Worthing, Christ Church
Barbados, West Indies
Series: Views from Worthing Beach (08-11-2006)

I exited the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary into the beastly heat of the day. Tired from shooting views from the sanctuary, I needed to relax. I did not have to look far. Across the street was salvation, the cool waters of the South Coast beckoned. Looking both ways of the street I walked across to the white sands of Worthing Beach.

Admittedly, this beach was never on my radar as a child. Beaches like the Hilton, Hastings Rocks, Accra, Dover, and Miami were the names I knew. But I never rode my bicycle no further than Accra Beach in the early and late seventies. Accra Beach was my beach of choice as a youth.

But Worthing Beach humbled me. The views in either direction of the sea coast were awe inspiring. It seems like some place an artist would come and spend the day painting. The colors were beautiful. The blues of the water glistened and rippled. The sea was calling, but I had to settle for my feet being bathed in the cool waters of the evening. I had to consider my camera gear.

Departing from the lovely stretch of beach, I knew that my return was a foregone conclusion. So for all those who venture to Barbados for whatever reason, kindly navigate to the South Coast of the island, and rest your weary soul on the sandy shores of Worthing Beach.

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  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Oh my, they're so picture-book pretty! I need to visit Barbados one day. I especially LOVE the first photo. The blues are so vivid in the second. One of my favourite colours.

    I wish I could swim. *sigh*

  2. JD, it is never too late to learn how to swim. So, you can do it.

    As for those warm blue waters, they are waiting for you. Barbados welcomes you. After saying that, I need to come to Jamaica as well. I am in love with an old show out of Jamaica called Hill and Gully. Every time I see an episode I am thinking, damn how I would love to photograph those lovely vistas.

    Someday JD, someday…

  3. Anonymous1:47 PM

    It is no surprise I love all your work. This is the best shot I saw of Worthing Beach.

  4. What a great shot. You captured it very well. Thanks for sharing this. It's really nice to see this kind of view. I hope tourist will continue to care for this paradise and stop trashing it.