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Through The Canes


Through The Canes
Bulkeley Plantation
St. George, Barbados
Series: From Bulkeley Plantation through the Canes, Gullies, Back Roads, and Back Again (Hike Barbados 08-03-2008)

There is a song that has been playing on the radio for Crop Over 2008 season called “Feet Don’t Fail Me” by Rupee. Let me tell you I cannot get that song out of my head. Well, that song had a meaning this morning. I was hoping my feet would hold up for the Sunday hike. The last hike I went on was quite a while ago, and I need not say how long.

This particular hike started at Bulkeley Plantation in parish of St. George. We ventured through the canes, gullies, and the back roads, with a few steep inclines along the way. The few standpipes we encountered on the way were a welcoming site. Water is the key if you are going to hike in the heat. You need to drink loads liquids and water is the best source.

Needless to say, that sound was in my head. I just kept moving, one foot then the other. Pushing myself while taking pictures, was a hard task considering I had to keep up with the rest of the group. But my head was in it so I move on. We hiked some 13 miles or so. The end was a welcome relief. The group leader, Stephen Mendes, did a good job of giving us a well balance hike.

Refreshments were on hand at the end of the hike, but you had to pay for them. Coconut water was my choice, and I had lots of it. Some hikers stayed around for a bit in conversation about the hike or the upcoming Kadooment the next day.

When I reached home I soaked my feet in warm water. I had a bit more coconut water and relaxed. Then I took a shower. Rupee, would be proud of me. My feet did not fail me. They were good troopers.

These hikes are sponsored and run by the Barbados National Trust. You can get more information at Barbados.org or direct from HikeBarbados.com

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  1. hmm...thanks for the info at the end.

    I've never been on a real hike like this one. I suspect I would enjoy it though...especially if I had my camera along for the walk

  2. Anonymous5:42 PM

    It's good to once again see photos like this that lift my spirit and remind me of the countrysides here in JA. So peaceful.

    I'm almost back to blogging, but just stopped by to say Hi, I haven't forgotten you. :)

  3. Ann, that is so true. You see wonderful views and you sure want to record them. Sunday morning hikes are so wonderful.

    JD, it is nice of you to drop by and leave a comment. I have to admit of not commenting on you site for a bit. But I do read your post.

    Take your time in blogging. Blog when you have something to say. Your fans will understand.

  4. It looks like hard work. Are there many snakes?

    I'm loving these photos, very nice when we're in the dead of winter down here in Tasmania!

  5. Kris, hiking is hard work especially when you do not hike often. I fall into that category.

    Not much in the way of snakes in Barbados except for pet snakes folk release sometimes. For sure there are small garden snakes in Barbados. But the big news is the smallest snake (Leptotyphlops carlae) they found in Barbados. It seems somewhat spectacular.