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Soaking Pods

Soaking Pods, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Soaking Pods
Joypa Drive, Frere Pilgrim
Christ Church, Barbados
Series: Walking, Driving, Taking Pictures

My ride to the city is not ready, so I am looking through the window eagerly. Naturally, I want to get going. There are many pictures I want to capture today.

But for now I am watching a blackbird in the front of the house doing some strange things in the birdbath. Well, let me correct that, the blackbird is doing ingenious things. The birds are taking some orange looking pods from the back yard and soaking them in the birdbath to soften them up. Before soaking them in the birdbath the blackbirds are dropping the pods on the concrete in the driveway. They are trying to break inside the pod and they do. These blackbirds are clever. So the next time someone tells you that you have a bird-brain. Just simply say, thank you.

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  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    I LOVE seeing these black birds in my backyard. Their coat is so shiny. This shot is so precious, and as close to one that I'll ever have, I guess. LOL!

  2. JD, there are always in my aunt’s backyard as well. They come just in time for the feeding of the dogs. What ever is left they eat. And I mean eat…

  3. Yes, they are very smart and some researchers have learned the hard way!


  4. Great timing with this one. I always find birds very difficult subjects!