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Looking To the Atlantic Coast

Looking To the Atlantic Coast
Farley Hill National Park
St. Peter, Barbados
Event: Soca on De Hill, Barbados
Series: Soca on De Hill, Barbados

So I am looking towards the rugged Atlantic Coast of Barbados, thinking what a great view. How many picnics have I attended here when I was boy? I cannot recall the number, but I can say with some assurance that they were enjoyable times.

The view is awesome and indescribable to me. It deserves a poem of some kind.

I Am Whatever My Dear Mother Birthed

I am whatever my dear mother Earth birthed
She knows best my valleys and comfortable hills
And my modest lush greens that dot this lovely land
Today, the sun kisses slightly my body
And I with all the love in thee surrender my beauty
But mother, I can hear you calling over the wind
Your whisper caresses my villages and it’s folk
Forever I will be your faithful child
And no hurricanes, nor violent movement below
Can alter my immense devotion to you
My inhabitants, I shall for eternity ensure their safety
So mother Earth, hold me today and forever
I am your Barbados, your child, your constant love
Come with your tender strong hands
And wash my shores with motherly kindness

Keith Clarke

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  1. I think the entire Atlantic coast of Barbados is absolutely beautiful!