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Still a Jaguar

Still a Jaguar, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Still a Jaguar
Passage Garden, Passage Road
St. Michael, Barbados
Series: Passage Road, Barbados

Name the car and you are sure to find loads of them in Barbados. A Jaguar is no exception. These types of cars are very popular with lawyers, doctors, and politicians.

This cute Jag seems to be a 70s model with leather interior and wood (maybe mahogany) dash and wheel. But don’t let that fool you. This baby may be old and decrepit looking. And you might even say it holds court with junk. But, it is still a Jaguar.

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  1. Oh no!!! The owner of that car should be arrested for...for car abuse!!!
    I wonder how much he/she would sell it for...

    Ha! :-D

  2. Ann, it is wonderful to see you back.

    The Jaguar is a beauty. All it needs now is love.

  3. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Jaguar ok ..BMW ...WOW!!!!! i love pictures and i am so glad to have found this site.

  4. Bobby, I hope you enjoy the rest of my blog…

  5. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Love the colour.

    I agree with Amy. Such a shame to let a beauty like that just go. But there's the hope of restoration, right?

  6. JD, the body of the car is still in good condition despite the look of it. The interior, however, is a different matter. The leather has decayed and would need a serious overhaul. The engine, I haven’t a clue.

  7. I wonder if that car belongs to a fellow named Keith? Lol! :)

    It's good to be back...well dort of back. My internet service has still not been restored by Cable & Wireless at home. I'm not in Jamaica right now and so I have a reliable connection. :-(

  8. You mean to tell me the internet connection is so bad in Jamaica that it forced you to go on vacation, LOL. C & W better get on the ball. I wondered what happed to you for a bit.

    It is nice to have you back.