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Monday, October 08, 2007

S i m p l y * B a r b a d o s

1. Leaf in the Sky, 2. Old Jetty, 3. Black Framed Sunset, 4. The Color of Wood, 5. Strong Security, 6. Emancipation Sunset Revisited, 7. Black And White Window, 8. Jaguar Madness, 9. River Bay, 10. Old Man on Bicycle, 11. Grey Sunset at Hilton Beach, 12. Jetty Beach House, 13. Art on Roebuck Street, 14. The Empire Theatre, 15. Framed Sea View, 16. Coconut Limbs by the Sea


  1. Oooh thanks for bringing all these to the "front" of the blog. Some of them are older posts that I enjoyed looking at again. :)

  2. Ann thanks for continuously viewing my blog. It goes without saying how appreciative I am. Since I am trying to somewhat document Barbados via photography, I am elated when anyone finds some joy in viewing the site.

  3. you have the most amazing photos i have ever seen..thanx for sharing.

  4. Elay, thank you, thank you, I am honored. I appreciate your visit to my blog.