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Roebuck Street: Old Man on Bicycle (08-03-2006)

Old Man on Bicycle, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Old Man on Bicycle
Walking Bridgetown
Roebuck Street, Bridgetown,
St. Michael, Barbados

It was hot and humid. My hat was of some use but I was fuming. I walked along Roebuck Street towards my aunt’s floral shop. As a kid I paid no attention to this building or any other building on Roebuck Street.

But I fell in love with it that day. I began to dissect the structure in to pieces with a series of shots. Then this old man rode into my shot. I was angry for a bit but it subsided. I continued to shoot. It did not matter in the end. Hunger took hold of me and I got a Granola Bar from my camera bag and pushed on, looking for the next shot, the next subject, the next…well you get the idea.

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