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Another Grand House

Another Grand House, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Another Grand House
Bridgetown, St. Michael
Series: All around St. Michael

This beautiful two storey limestone and timber house is elaborate with its lovely windows and hoods. The grand entry to the home is magnificent. The detail in carpentry is awesome and you probably would not see a house being built with this sort of architecture today.

Sadly on April 22nd 2008 this architectural wonder located on Crumpton Street was destroyed by fire, leaving it a shell of itself. Maybe it will be gutted and rebuilt with as it was before. At some later date I will post some images of the burnt out grand house.

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  1. oh no! There goes another beautiful old building. I wonder what the chances are that it really will be rebuilt?

  2. Thank you all for commenting…

  3. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Don't my people realize what they are doing to architectural buildings that has so much history. I would rather see so gems than to see the kaleidoscope images that they have these days.