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A Hard Bed

A Hard Bed, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

A Hard Bed
St. George Street
St. Michael, Barbados
Series: A Sunday Walk Along Baxter’s Road to Bridgetown

Baxter’s Road is behind me now. The old Lower Green Bus Stand is now my current location. And here on St. George Street is Courts Department Store. It is the Sears of America right here in Barbados.

Through the side alley one can get to Pelican Road. That is my destination now. But here I am looking at a homeless person lying by one of the side doors to Courts Department Store. Here we have a shopping cart, an empty drink container, and a bed as hard as the social ills that still haunt some Barbadian communities. We know it best as poverty.

So, I am moving on. There is not much I can do here other than pray. Even if he was up and I gave him money, it would only be temporary. He is fast asleep and seems comfortable. That is until he wakes up and reality starts to become unbearable skin. Maybe on my next trip here I won’t find him. And I would hope he is doing well and moving on with this ever striving Barbados.

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  1. Ah yes. The worldwide problem of poverty and homelessness. I think societies all over struggle with this problem, not knowing what exactly to do about it.

    I often wonder what was the last straw that broke rendering them homeless...then it occurs to me that there go us all but for the Grace of God.

  2. Thank you my friend…I love your images from Jamaica as well. Again, I wish you Happy Holidays and all the best in the coming year.

    That is so true Ann; the grace of God saves us all. But doesn’t this poor soul have the grace of God too. It is sometimes too complicated to understand it all. I do not know what to say.

  3. Anonymous3:14 PM

    A sad, familiar sight here. Like Ann, I wonder, too, what led many like this poor brother to be in such dire straits. We have much to be thankful for. The question is: how do we help these brothers and sisters. I feel it's an indictment against us as a nation to have them in these conditions. I know something is being done among certain agencies, but more help is needed. But like you said, it's all so complicated.

    Wishing you an awesomely blessed 2008!

  4. JD, the world in all its splendor and pomp, but it is the void of all love in this scene.

  5. this is a great shot.
    really highlights some important issues.

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