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Two Upper Windows

Two Upper Windows, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Two Upper Windows
Brighton Plantation
St. George, Barbados
Series: Walking From Jopya Drive to Byde Mill

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  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Now this is beautiful. You have given me much inspiration to write a poem on vintage pictures of "Ole Barbados". Check my latest poem entitled, "Shalom" leave a comment. Thanks


  2. Paterika, you must have read my mind. Yesterday I sieved through some of my old images of things old or old fashion and decided to write some poems to them. My aim is to write 25 poems.

    Well, let see what happens.

  3. That is a pretty shot Keith. The colours are amazing.

  4. This shot is strictly an architectural shot with lines and angles. It could be a triangle if the windows are linked. If you look hard enough it is a right angle or an ‘L’. And the shutters or louvers in the windows translate LINES in form. I just like this one.