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Brighton Plantation House

Brighton Plantation House, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Brighton Plantation House
Brighton Plantation
St. George, Barbados
Series: Walking From Jopya Drive to Byde Mill

How many of these old lovely structures have I passed in my youth not knowing the beauty that lies within? With such great design and form they have outlived many a hurricane. They have shown great resilience and prove that they will be here for years to come.

This old plantation is called Brighton Plantation. It is located in St. George in the middle of the island. And every Saturday morning a unique thing happens. It becomes The Brighton Framers Market. Framers form near and far venture here to sell their vegetables and fruit.

If need be you can also get a cup of tea or coffee to get you going.

The architecture of the buildings on this property is simply marvelous. I am not a 100% sure but if the Brighton House is still part of the plantation, then it is one of the oldest houses in Barbados. Historical notes have indicated the house was built in 1652.

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  1. I wish the Heritage Trust would formulate a program to get the kids involved in architecture so that they could appreciate the old buildings. I've only now begun to appreciate them and keep thinking to myself, "So many years lost!" :) So many buildings have been destroyed since I was a kid and now I wish so desperately that I had the good sense back then to have photographed them!

    By the way, is the house occupied as a private residence?

  2. The plantation house and the surrounding property is privately own. Whether the house is in use or not is debatable. But I see activity when I past by there several times. For sure the plantation is in use and has some vintage equipment of the country’s sugarcane past.