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Beauty Still Lives Here (08-04-2006)

Beauty Still Lives Here, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Beauty Still Lives Here
Walking Into My Past
Hastings, Christ Church

I have been riding pass this old soft stone house for years and I cannot remember it being any other way. This would be a wonderful home to restore. Big investments are already on Hastings Main Road. It won’t be too long before his sweet old house is swoop up in the frenzy.

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  1. Ha! I lived briefly in Barbados a few years ago.

    When I saw this picture I said, "I know that house! Haven't they fixed that broken down wall as yet?" :-)

    Thans for sharing your photos with us. They all take me back to that beautiful little island. ;-)

  2. Ann thanks for viewing my blog. Yes the wall is still not fixed. I believe the house is now abandoned. It is a nice house that should be restored.

  3. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Love the colours. Looks like a good investment for someone!
    - Paul @ www.photographyvoter.com

  4. The color in the initial image was ok, but I added a bit more color to it. And yes I agree, it would be a great investment.