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07-29-2006 (Bajan Land)

Bajan Land, originally uploaded by pictureinfocus.

Bajan Land
Four Roads
St. George, Barbados

Let us just say that when I was young, 8 or 9, the last thing on my mind was walking this beautiful country called Barbados. My Bicycle was my constant companion and that is what took me where I wanted to go. I rarely ventured out of St. Michael or Christ Church.

But now I have the love of hiking and walking for hours. On this day I decided to walk from my aunt’s place in Frere Pilgrim, Christ Church to Cox Hill in St. Philip via St George. (The funny thing is so many folks stopped and asked if I wanted a lift.)

What a high it gave me. I felt like I was in paradise. Heaven knows there are others like me. Just come to the Barbados National Trust walk on Saturday evening or Sunday morning to see what I mean.

Now just a reminder, if you are going to walk for long periods, take along some water please.

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